Real Money is in Follow-ups

Yogi Solanki
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I've SOLD close to 100 domains in the last ten months from March 2020-January 2021, and 80% of those sales are by doing the follow-up.

Follow up is the 🔑

Do you follow up on email? If not, you need to start immediately. Often times takes more than one initial email to close the deal. I am sharing a real example of follow-up that eventually turns into a sale.👇


Another sale example:

I'm the author of one of the best selling domain ebook 🔥 Domain Outbound Marketing🔥In just over two months, over 300 copies have been sold. Thanks to everyone for the amazing support🙏

After my ebook's massive success, I received emails and DMs regarding follow-ups email templates and subject lines. So that's why I decided to write this small booklet to help everyone out with some advanced email follow up templates and subject lines.

Here's what you're going to get

✅ Over 20 email subject lines

✅ Over 20 email follow up templates

✅ Real sales examples

✅ Follow up subject lines with email templates

✅ Importance of follow-ups

Real money is in follow up. You have to be persistent in sales; One email will not make the sale. You need to continually follow up with the prospect until they are open to buying.


Ready to sell more domains by doing follow-ups?

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